Sovcomflot - Leader of Russian Maritime Transport

For the second time in two years Sovcomflot was announced a winner of the  “Golden Chariot” national Prize of the Russian transportation industry – in the  main nomination of “The Leader in Maritime Transport of the Russian Federation”. 
The prize was established jointly by the Committee of the State Duma on  Energy, Transport and Communication and the Ministry of Transport of the Russian  Federation. This prize is awarded to transport companies and their top managers  and teams, representing the national transport industry, transport services,  transport science and education.
This year ceremony took place at the State  Kremlin Palace in Moscow on 26 October 2007. The prizes were presented by the  Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy, Transport and Communication  Valeriy Yazev and the Deputy Minister of Transport Sergey  Aristov.


JSC “Sovcomflot” is one of the  Russia's main infrastructure enterprises and the biggest national  shipowner.

The company’s fleet comprised 66 vessels of the total  deadweight of more than 4.5m tons. The order portfolio contains 17 vessels of  the total of 1.4m dwt. Sovcomflot specializes in seaborne transportation of  energy, 44 vessels of its fleet are tankers. All of them are double-hulled, the  average age of the tanker fleet is 5 years – one of the best results in the  international shipping industry.

The company has gained certain  experience in the transportation of liquefied natural gas. In addition to two  membrane-type LNG carriers of ice-class – “SCF Polar” and “SCF Arctic” –  delivered in 2006, the Group will expand its fleet by two LNG tankers – “Grand  Elena” and “Grand Aniva” to be delivered by the end of the year. The hulls of  both vessels are of enhanced ice-class 1B, the main engine is of 1C ice-class.  During the coming 20 years the ships will be delivering Russian LNG to the  countries of the Asian-Pacific Region within Sakhalin-2 Project.

Under  Varandey Project, Sovcomflot has ordered a series of Arctic shuttle tankers. The  first one will join the fleet of the Group by the end of this year. The ship  will be registered in the Russian International Shipping Register and will fly  the flag of the Russian Federation.

A naming ceremony for three product  tankers which will be delivered in November – December 2007, will take place on  2 November 2007 in the Republic of Korea. Having the international 1A ice-class,  these vessels will be able to operate from the Russian sea ports in the  North-Western Region all year-round.

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