Sovcomflot participates in 'Transport of Russia' International Forum and Exhibition

PAO Sovcomflot (SCF Group) participated in the 15th International Forum and Exhibition 'Transport of Russia' which was held recently in Moscow (16-18 November 2021) and organised by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.
As part of the exhibition, Minister of Transport Vitaly Savelyev visited the SCF Group stand and was briefed on the Group’s work in 2021 by President and CEO of Sovcomflot Igor Tonkovidov. The Minister highlighted Sovcomflot's efforts to extend the navigation period in the eastern sector of the Northern Sea Route.

As part of the Forum's business programme, Mr. Tonkovidov attended a panel discussion entitled 'Green Agenda for the Transport Industry'. In his speech, he stated that the prospects for reducing the carbon footprint of maritime transport depend mostly on the progress of society’s technological development.

“During the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, some countries called on the IMO to set new, stringent standards for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the world's shipping industry. However, with the technological solutions available commercially today, it will be difficult to achieve even the goals already set by IMO for 2050. This will require either a new energy converter that is more efficient than the internal combustion engine, or new fuels with a low carbon footprint. All of these are yet to be invented. We expect that, for the next 15-20 years, the use of liquefied natural gas as a fuel will remain the best solution to reduce emissions from marine vessels”, Mr. Tonkovidov said.

Mr. Tonkovidov noted that Sovcomflot has long been building its development strategy in anticipation of the further tightening of international regulations. Since 2015, the company has been addressing the issue of the practical use of cleaner fuels in shipping, actively promoting and supporting relevant initiatives within the IMO and Russian industry associations and, together with partners, expanding the network of LNG bunkering points for vessels at key maritime trade destinations.

During Transport Week, Igor Tonkovidov also took part in the industry conference 'Autonomous Navigation' and spoke at the studio of the Russian society 'Znanie' ('Knowledge'), where he talked with students from transport universities about the 'green' vessels of the near future. 

SCF Press Office