Dividends history

YearDividends per share, RUBTotal Dividends Announced, RUB mln
9m 20236,3215 010
20224,2910 189
20206,6715 841
20193,657 181
20180,731 425
20170,861 696
20163,126 141

Dividend policy

On repayment of dividends on PAO Sovcomflot shares for 2020

Dear Shareholders,

Please note that to receive dividends that were not received after the initial payment (due to the lack of data required for dividends transfer, or otherwise) or were returned to the registrar due to their non-receipt, we recommend to consult your depositary.

JSC "Independent Registrar Company R.O.S.T." (hereinafter, the registrar) is authorised to carry out the repayment of dividends on PAO Sovcomflot shares. 

More detailed information about payment can be found on the registrar's website  or you can call +7(495) 780-7363; + 7(495) 989-7650.

We remind that the deadline for fulfilment of PAO Sovcomflot obligations to initially pay dividends to shareholders, nominee holders and trustees is: no later than 19 June 2021 for nominee shareholders and trustees being professional participants of the securities market registered in the shareholder register; no later than 9 August 2021 for other persons registered in the shareholder register. 

On issues of receipt of certificate according to Form 2-NDFL (personal income tax)

1) If dividends on shares were paid by the depository, regarding the receipt of certificate of income according to Form 2-NDFL you have to address the depository of which you are a client. 
2) If dividends on shares were paid by the registrar, you can get a certificate according to Form 2-NDFL regarding income paid on securities from the registrar. 

E-mail addresses for shareholders of PAO Sovcomflot: