Novoship President takes part in the annual INTERTANKO Assembly

On 9-11 May 2012, the annual Assembly of the International Association of Independent Tanker Owners (INTERTANKO) took place in Singapore. At the meeting, the participants considered new guidelines for the organisation. The event was attended by Igor Tonkovidov, Novoship President and SCF Executive Board member. Last May he was elected a member of the INTERTANKO Executive Committee.

Commenting on the results of the Assembly, Igor Tonkovidov said:

“By today, INTERTANKO is one of the most effective and influential organisations in the shipping community, which is capable of conducting constructive dialogue and of developing cooperation with the industry regulators. It is a kind of bridge between the industry players, on one side, and the maritime authorities on the other side. Owing to INTERTANKO’s activities, shipowners can independently consider new initiatives and work out a common vision for the industry’s most acute problems. They can also participate in developing sound and feasible requirements for tanker operators, on the basis of their experience in practical activities. I think this way leads to equal terms of competition for all the players in the market.

The organization’s new strategy, which we considered during our last meeting in Singapore, envisages a number of priority directions for our activity, including: the industry’s sustainable development; the safety of navigation and ships’ security; the protection of the marine environment and the upgrading of seafarers’ professional skills. INTERTANKO will also remain an important source of information offering tanker companies guidance on innovation and new regulations entering into force. This is actually the Association’s contribution to enhancing the safety and reliability of services in the sphere of energy and chemical cargo transportation.”