The Results of the Annual Novoship Shareholders Meeting

The annual general meeting (AGM) of Novorossiysk Shipping Company’s (JSC Novoship) shareholders was convened in Novorossiysk, Russia on 17 May 2013.

The annual report on the Novoship results and the annual accounting report for 2012 were approved. The AGM respected the recommendation of the Board of Directors to pay cash dividend for 2012 in the amount of RUB 1.50 per share.

The shareholders made no changes in the list of members of the Board of Directors and Auditing Commission.

The members of the Board of Directors of SCF Novoship are:

Evgeny N. Ambrosov

Sovcomflot – Senior Executive Vice-President / Chief Operating Officer

Vladimir N. Emelianov

Sovcomflot – Vice-President / Chief Strategy Officer

Sergey O. Frank

Sovcomflot – President / Chief Executive Officer

Nikolay L. Kolesnikov

Sovcomflot – Executive Vice-President / Chief Financial Officer

Alexander L. Kurtynin

Sovcomflot – Vice-President / Business Development

Vladimir A. Mednikov

Sovcomflot – Executive Vice-President

Sergey G. Popravko

Unicom Management Services Ltd. – Chief Executive Officer

Igor V. Tonkovidov

Sovcomflot – Executive Vice-President / Technical Director of SCF Group

Yuriy A. Tsvetkov

Novoship – President

The members of the Auditing Commission of JSC Novoship are:

Tatyana P. Kalinkina

Sovcomflot – Deputy Head of Internal Audit Department

Anton V. Kolesnikov

Sovcomflot – Chief Specialist / Auditor of Internal Audit Department

Andrey N. Popov

Sovcomflot – Deputy Head of New Projects Department

Edward F. Yakovlev


After the AGM the newly-elected JSC Novoship Board of Directors and Auditing Commission held their first meetings. Sergey O. Frank was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Tatyana P. Kalinkina was elected Chairman of the Auditing Commission.