OOO SCF Novoship Technical Management commences operations

On 1 July, 2013, OOO SCF Novoship Technical Management – Sovcomflot Group’s new fleet technical manager – will commence operations in Novorossiysk. OAO Novoship owns one hundred percent of the new organisation’s authorised capital stock.

In December 2012, OAO Novoship’s board of directors took the decision to create a separate technical manager with the aim of unifying SCF Group activities and bringing Novoship’s company structure into line with SCF universal standards.

“A similar structural change has been implemented at many tanker companies – both Russian and foreign. We are talking about a separation of managerial duties connected with operational activity. Our aim is to expand our company’s potential as a technical manager. Novoship’s competitiveness in this sphere has been statistically proven.” – Sergey Frank, President of Sovcomflot, Chairman of Novoship Board of Directors.

OAO Novoship will remain in charge of crewing and all administrative functions, including both legal and accounting services.

OOO SCF Novoship Technical Management employs 81 staff recruited from OAO Novoship’s former fleet management department. The new company’s team has retained all its social safeguards.

“High standards of management are the calling card of Novorossiysk Shipping Company and we will strive to not only maintain this tradition but also consolidate our image as a world leader in the fleet management sphere. We have made efforts to provide our clients with advanced notice of the changes introduced: in the sphere of technical management, our company is the successor to Novoship – a well-known shipping company with longstanding experience.This represents another step towards optimising the SCF Group management model and will allow us to separate management types and allocate intragroup resources more effectively to avoid overlap. We also expect Novoship Group to provide technical management for more vessels belonging to third-party ship-owners. Our company certainly has the potential to do so.” – Alexey Khaydukov, Head of OOO SCF Novoship Technical Management.